Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas break is how long????

Seriously, we are on day two of Christmas break and I'm already longing for school days.....why can't Christmas fall during summer months when the boys can ride bikes, dig holes or climb trees?

We have implemented a no tattling rule....no tattling unless life or limb is threatened or blood is showing. I DO NOT care that Mark called you a whiny 7 year old and has made up a diddy about you ( of which I have to say is pretty imaginative and actually quite entertaining). I DO NOT care that Mark threw his pee pee pull up at you ( ok, I do care about that one but deal with it). I DO NOT care that Ryan keeps stealing your juice box ( quit putting it in his face already). I DO NOT care that Matthew looked at your strawberries and said his were bigger. I could go on and on.......Oh wait Mark is coming in to "tell" me something. Sigh....There had better be blood or broken bones.....

and as a side note : I know they are bored- this is why they are driving me batty. We have done crafts out my ears, we have popped popcorn and watched movies, we have done workbook pages, we have read books, we baked cookies, we have built forts ( this one I wouldn't recommend because they are all for it until you tell them that the bed sheets have to go back on the bed and can't stay in the living room all afternoon). I even attempted to have some "fun" with laundry but they quickly caught on and revolted. I am bored too.....and outta ideas.

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