Friday, December 17, 2010

Strep throat and Check ups....

Last night Matthew woke up with a fever and said his throat hurt. Fabulous right? I dosed him with motrin and decided to take him along to Ryan's 18 mos check up appointment in the morning ( yes Ry is 19 mos- we should be glad I'm only a month behind guys- seriously). Sure enough he's got strep. This isnt a horrible thing in my opinion because some amox will kill those bugs fast and theres a nasty, nasty virus going around that lasts about 10 days and you cant do anything for ( no thank you!!!). 

Onto Ryan. Hes perfect- 24 pds and he grew ( I cant remember how much- its written down I think) He's 70% for height and 30% for weight- his head is gigantic but thats par for the course in this Ellis family. He's finally growing into his bobble head though -Thank the stars.

The highlight of the dr appt was when I stripped Ryan down and saw marker all over his legs- what the heck? How embarrassing- I mean do I bathe this kid? Matt looks at me and says " mark did it and good thing I didnt have to take off my clothes" ummmm? Ok I'll bite...."why Matthew?" "Mark colored my legs too" Fabulous.....I have a mini Picasso who likes to draw on his brothers.....

Please notice the decorated legs on the first pic....all in all a good appt.

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