Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whew....much more to this than I thought.....

Hello, hello :) This is my first post on my first blog- after much prompting from friends I am attempting this new blog thing. Its much more involved than I had intitially thought. Bear with me as I play with texts, layouts, colors etc....

So back to the blog. My name is Becky, I'm 33 and have three boys. Matthew- 7, Mark- 5 1/2 and Ryan 19months. I also have a grown up boy named Chad and have been married to him for a little over 10 yrs now. I have a dog named Luke ( yes, we have a Matthew, Mark and Luke. No we dont have a John nor do we plan to have a John. I had thought to name Ryan John just to see if perhaps it would give me a leg up when I meet my maker at the pearly gates but Chad said no. And  no we didnt do it on purpose- it just worked out that way) and lastly we have a "stray" cat named Tiger. Yes he's a boy too- I'm surrounded by testosterone and have given up the fight. I'm resigned at this point to be the only female in my household.

I'm excited to come here and tell my funny stories about my life with my kids. If you have followed me on facebook you know I try to give as many kid QOTD ( quote of the day) as I can, keep you updated on my "stray" cat chronicles and ask for any and all suggestions for effective discipline techniques. I would also like to have "real" talk here, a fun place to get a giggle or even vent a problem. I'm hoping to re post some of my stories and pictures from the boys as they've grown ( for example as a teaser- Mark bathing in the bathroom sink after I told him to go wash up, Mark staying overnight in the hospital because he swallowed a stick, Mark have two lung surgeries and a CAT scan due to an inhaled apple peel ( Marks the MOST fun) and Matthew breaking his elbow 3 days before we left for a beach vacation.....oh the suspense). As I said bear with me and let the games begin......


  1. Giving up the fight is all we can do as moms of all boys. :) Great 1st blog! I am sure it will be amazing. :)

  2. Thanks Ann- lets see what our crazy days bring :)